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Hull length 8.90 m

Waterline length 8.18 m

Maximum Beam 2.90 m

Draft 1.98 m

Upwind sailing area 40.80 m²

Displacement 2.20 kg


The J 88 comes from the same team, which designed the famous J 111 and J 70, a 29-foot boat that is the perfect size for a family 'speedster'. It combines all the assets of boats built by 'J Composites': stability, style and sailing comfort. The J 88 is large enough to offer the comfort of a cockpit with seats inclusive of backrests, an inboard engine and a cabin, which is comfortable enough to overnight in. However, it is also small enough to be lifted out, placed on a trailer and stored by its owner.

The key points of its design include an optimised sail plan with non-overlapping headsail, a twin spreader carbon mast.
With a 1.95m keel and a low centre of gravity, the J 88 prides itself on a very enviable performance and is balanced and fast upwind. It also has a supreme planing capability in light airs. All this combines into a very manageable package.

The thoughts of Frederic Bouvier, Marketing Manager of 'J Composites': "The J 88 has perfectly integrated the sports range (J70, J80, J88 and J111). It is a worthy successor to the J92S. It's the only boat in this range to feature an inboard engine".

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